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Business Update - Different Areas

To start this off, I will explain why it is needed and then roll into my idea. The biggest problem with why people don't want to keep playing is income, building income even while actively playing and collecting tournament money and running hitlist and playing by the book following TOS and not "transferring cash, from someone who buys d gear regularly to keep your business going, I suggest we get new businesses, unlocked in different areas and you have to fly to that area to buy these businesses and collect the cash they give. I suggest a cap of 24-48 hours in each location (Mexico through Moscow). These businesses obviously should give a better income based on the level to unlock these areas and should much like our current options, have a few different options in each area. I know I am asking for quite a bit programming wise but I will continue to invest if you continue to develop. I've been in love with DTM for years, please consider this request with an open mind. I am eager to see what you think. Best Regards, Aztechie

How is your more income going to help you more than the player next to you who will also get more income?

If you increase the opportunities for increasing income by 20 percent then everyone who plays daily will increase their income by 20 percent (those aren't real numbers) and we will just be where we are now.  Except dev's will have spent valuable time giving you something you already have instead of something new,

Players will have to spend less time earning the income to fully arm while actively playing to collect from the businesses. It shouldn't have to take months upon months of game play to reach higher incomes, and maybe if new players are lucky Some1 will invite them to collect on tournaments, but that's not likely

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I think this is a good idea. I don't even want to play much anymore because building income is so long. I think more businesses is a great idea.

What are you going to do with your extra income?  Everyone else is going to have it too.  Would essentially be the same as if Dev's just handed everyone an extra 2 billion in daily income.  

Devs can add more items in the armory with the extra income. For the higher levels that's aren't diamond players

Oh i see.  This income boost and new businesses is only going to be for the free players.  Also the new equipment they can buy will only be for the free players.  Now that is an awesome idea.  LoL

It unlocks more room to expand for 1, you can disagree, and you have some valid points. This isn't all about getting an advantage over everyone , this is more about giving an advantage to people willing to play more frequently, not check in every now and then. It's a way to keep us playing, they could add better weapons at higher levels, some games need to expand before they crash hard, we have a game that has taken players years of maybe a few weeks at a time after camping for months at a time, this is about reducing the time from 6 months to something more reasonable like 2 or 3
Basically, I am sick of camping 90% of this game

I'm not disagreeing.  Just making a point.  Let me put it to you this way.  If you have $2, Bill has $4, Tom has $6 and Joe has $8 and dev's comes along and says i have something for you to invest your money in to increase it.  Guess what happens?  You end up with $4, Bill ends up with $8, Tom ends up with $12 and Joe ends up with $16.  The next time you invest it all doubles again.  Guess who wins?  

Okay, but see it like this: I have $2, Bill has $4 and Tom has $6, now Tom has been playing since the game released nearly 4 years ago, Bill has been playing for 2 years and Tom has been playing 3. A new player comes along and reaches $4 in nearly 1/4 of the time it took all those players to reach this point, the newer players accelerate faster which motivates them to continue playing while giving older players more content down the line. So even though each player doubled, and the new player earned income faster the players now had new goals to work towards causing them to play the game more, level up to buy those businesses, and compete harder thus increasing activity and marketing towards newer players

Hmm that might work.  Not so sure I'm a fan of someone just starting out reaching the same income level I worked 6 months to achieve in 3 months.  Still think there are things the game needs more.  Keep the ideas coming tho.  It's the only way the game goes anywhere.

Well the new player reached that but the other players still advanced, it's just hard to explain, I agree that it shouldn't be too easy, which is why it won't toll into actual income per se... you have to collect the cash daily, more like a turf I guess?

i think.. if you add a new city, new properties, then to off set that add new weapons etc then to off set that you will need to add new diamond weapons.. so its a cycle that will continue on and on.. i think the devs know this and are trying to avoid this from happening.

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