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Players Farming The Same Player From The Same I.p. Address

Some body with multiple accounts should not be allowed to keep attacking one player or gang over and over again.

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Let DEVS fix more of the game instead of your personal problems. Only thing keeping the game alive at this point is tournament money and rivalries/farming. why not just solve the problem yourself instead? Lol

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Prevent gangs from doing HitNruns On the same gang for 30 days
I'll let DEVS answer my question and ignore your idiotic rants. Ty.
Hit n runs are just flat out wars, if you don't like them take the color off or leave the gang... Anytime, Ralphy! Just do realize that is not a question. ;3

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Next time try logging in so your comments mean something.
I am very much logged in, Ralph. You have to log in to comment Lol
No name for you... explain?
Spaces as a name
What is your name and why hide?
Do u even tourny bro? Smh!
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