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Devs and Developers

Heres an Idea, how about the Devs actually Respond to requests or tickets rather than just closing them? because just lately ive been ignored reporting bugs and problems with very little response.. "The Issue was later Resolved" does not give me or anyone else any Closure or Assistance ... which is surely part of being a Developer.. helping rather than trying to make a problem "go away" ... come on guys....

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Yeah created a ticket and surprise surprise waiting on a response, kind of significant also considering its about an unit that some people have and others don't since the update... not fixed yet.  Air attack - apache unit, has since become a gold unit but was an ordinary unit reached at level 70 but not available on reaching 70 anymore due to it becoming a gold unit but those who got to 70 before this happened, still have it as an ordinary unit... a touch unfair don't ya think?  ... yet no response from Developer of this game, lol

Right on


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