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SP Evaluation and rearrangement

There should be be some way to evaluate and rearrange your skill points without the need to reset. We currently only have a reset for free or reset with diamond weapons for 500 diamonds. There should be another option to rearrange your skill points at your current level, not lose mobs or diamond weapons, and keep your properties. Make it a mid range reset for 250 diamonds. Only allow a player to do so once every 3 or 6 months to avoid a huge power swing. This would also allow a player to stay active but concentrate on different aspects of the game at different times, and possibly eliminate the need for camping. This would also work well in conjunction with changing your class. It would also aid newer players and keep them active longer considering a lot of newer players make mistakes with their SP early on.

Ya do that.  But make sure you set aside enough diamonds and time to handle all the thousands of pissed off players that payed full price to reset and did all the work to get back to a respectable level. 

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Keith, if I wanted tour opinion, I'd shove my arm up your ass and work your mouth like a puppet. It's called progress. If you were foolish enough to spend 500 diamonds to reset abs keep your diamond weapons, that's on you. That's also why you can reset your class, buy diamonds etc. Stop crying and accept it for a suggestion.

Wow.  I guess your the only one in the game who is allowed an opinion.  I was simply saying that changing how resets are done 3.5 years into the game is going to piss off a lot of people.  My next opinion is you should certainly evaluate your attitude towards others.  If you want to post an idea you should be prepared to take responses from both sides.  If you can't may I suggest you keep your mouth shut?  You certainly have no right to talk to ppl in the manner you just displayed and devs should just delete you from the forum.

And your sarcasm is unwanted and unneeded. Had you have stated it like that previously, and not spoken like an insolent child, perhaps others would be more open to listening to your opinion. And shut my mouth? Who died and made you queen? You can take your opinion and shove it up your ass for all i care. Now, until you have something productive to say, piss off

Anger management anyone? 

I got a book for you. Since you feel so inclined to speak, try "How to Win Friends and Influence People". That is prividing you know how to

I'm not a loser.  I'm neither trying to influence anyone or find friends.  It's just an app pal.

Go check out this other guys idea its better. But i like your suggestion too good work.

lol this idea is a Bad Idea, due to the Fact it WOULD influence gameplay for the Higher levels .. people like me at 240 this "Idea" if you wanna call it that is only brought up because of Selfishness and you most likely have SP's that you want to fix lets be honest .. if you dont like Ridicule or Negative Comments, do the simple thing and keep you're mouth shut.

Ah Luke, how unintelligent you are. All 4 of my accounts are set up exactly how i want them. I've been on one form of mob rpgs or another for over a decade, so there goes your selfishness theory. Furthermore, I don't mind ridicule or negative feedback whatsoever. What i do mind however is the manner in which it is said. I mean "lets be honest", you're scared that some level 150 or so that you've been farming is going to change their sp around and farm you. Lol. My suggestion is solely based on player activity and company revenue, something you probably have no clue about. And as far as me keeping my mouth shut, lol, if you don't like what you read, you're more than free to post on the other forums. Your post was neither critical nor beneficial, just crying from being scared. Ergo, i see no issues with saying "if you don't like the idea, say so then keep your assanine rambling to yourself, kid." Run along now.

Lol.. you're comment makes no sense can i just add ... i am not farming a level 150 thanks ... ive got a bit more respect than that .. i guess it would help Ultimately if the Developers or Admins actually paid attention ... so whilst we sit here and Slate each other trying to be the "big dog" they are not going to pay any attention whatso ever but i like how you openly admit you have 4 accounts ... good going :)

HaHA right on.  If devs are paying attention to this thread, he won't have them very long.  They have repeatedly told me that having multiple accounts is against the TOS and violation of the TOS results in permanent bans on those accounts.  

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