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everyone on the game who hacks for diamonds should be kicked off the game it's annoying and impossible to get hit list kills because of them I have been trying to get the hit list missions up and everyone on the has 5000 of each diamond weapon this isn't going to change until we have a group of people that agree they should be removed or at least lose their weapons

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I'll find the hackers that does that

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We do actively monitor the game for all such dubious activity. If anything is found, we do take immediate action.

Our request is to all players, which we keep saying again and again, 'Do not share your login details with anyone. You only expose yourself to hackers.'


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I agree with Branden. If it's not stopped this game will be ruined like storm 8 was. It's obvious who's cheating and riding the hit list for weeks.
I don't agree with Brandon everyone buys diamonds buddy noone hacks for free diamonds I never seen it
No I've seen people hack them and cash and people with 400+ mercs at level 30 come on be real
Also seen a screek shot from a hacker group selling diamonds and cash seen some one with 25,000 diamonds look on palringo the even have a few dtm hacker groups
Just want this game to be clean storm 8 was ruined by cheats

Just because they advertise they can do it, that doesn't mean it's not just a scam to get your money and you get nothing in return. Having 25,000 DZ on hand does not make you a hacker.  I've had over 100,000 on hand at one time and I but all of mine from Jim.  You may have a case for me being crazy, but i'm no hacker.

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