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Not fair to poor people

Battle tiers should be implemented so that ppl who (for example) spends over $1000 a month dollars in diamonds can't fight ppl who can barely afford to spend $20 a month on diamonds... honestly WHAT THE FUCK can be done against someone with 8000 mobs and every mob member has diamond gear and are also able to add an additional million mercs per week...maybe u can split the game into two levels onefor the rich guys and one for the diligent guys...I remember back in the day a player named mehdi told everyone to stop warring in a tournament and anyone who defied was attacked unrelentlessly for ain't fair at all
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lol nope. Those of us who purchase diamonds support the game...without us you no have game. Why you not support game? Do you want free cookies and milk? Do you want mom to give you cookies and milk and then you no clean room, put toys away? You go clean room Now. P.S. you spend $100 on diamonds..get some mercs, get some diamond'll beat most then....
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