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Death Matches

I, for one, love the new DM rules.  It makes them more valuable and certainly more challenging.  Kudos for the best new update since Hit-N-Run.  It does bring up an issue though.  Dm's are not filling and sitting idle for indefinite periods of time.  There is no challenge to anyone in that nor is there any game play.  Might I suggest that a timer be set on the DM.  If it does not fill in say 10 minutes, then the gang that has entered gets a win, a default amount of points and double their money back. If there are more than one gangs in the dm then they fight it out just like it was full.  The dm's would still count in the daily counters tho. I think this would please everyone.  Thanks.



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I've also suggested via a support ticket some new ideas that will bring gangs back to the DM's.  Unfortunately, Vin just deleted it with no comment.  My suggestion was to remove the number restrictions on DM's, change the timer on hnr to 6 hours and lock gangs as of the first war you enter into during tourney.  This will allow the higher level gangs to fight in the dm's and hold turfs and allow the lower level gangs to do hnr and hold operations.  Turf and operation timers should also be reset to 12 hours.  Locking the gangs will keep the higher level gangs from running two crews and exploiting the lower level gangs.  I know this probably isn't perfect, but devs have no interest in giving any feedback so maybe someone here is.  Thanks.

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