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Skill reset (balanced)

I've recently started playing DTM on the iphone/browser and wanted to submit a suggestion for your game. Before you shoot it down or move on please consider reading the entire suggestion as it offers a way to balance it out with the rest of the game. Most people didn't know how to play the game when they first started or just learned to war by the time they're lvl 100+ and would like the option to do a soft reset on their skill points without losing all their progress.

My suggestion is to offer a "soft stat reset" where you can reset your skill points based on what level achievements (if these give skill points I forget).

When looking on the DTM forums I've seen counters as to why this shouldn't be implemented as people would just reset before wars and so on. To balance this you guys could make the price of a stat reset 500-1000 diamonds as well as a 30 day reset period (or longer/once per acc). Having it cost so much would not only benefit you but would stop people from resetting for 100 diamonds every war as it’s been suggested in the past.

You could argue that you could just create an alternate account or simply reset all your progress for the default diamond price but some people have progressed so far into the game. Like I said not only do you give the players the option to "redo" after they learn the game but it also puts money in your pocket. Please take this into consideration.


What I’m suggesting: Soft reset for skill points

Price: 500-1000 diamonds (20-40$ USD) would even be fine with more.

How to balance: Add a "cooldown" period of 30 days every reset so it can't be abused for wars, or only allow it a maximum of 3 times per account (or once in a life time).

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