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Must Read!! Suggestions to make DTM Interesting in Tournaments.

To pull the gangs in death matches. u need to start death match in 30 mins with whatever number of gangs joins it. if only 1 gang joins and till 30 mins no other gang joins that dm.. then that single gang should also get points as per its respect level for joining that death match.. if 2 gangs joins dm in 30 mins then start dm with those 2 gangs.. if 3 gangs joins then start dm with 3 gangs. Devs u just need to start the death match in 30 min. with Whatever gangs joins it.. 1, 2, 3 or 4.. this new feature will surely attract gangs to join the death matches. To pull Gangs on turfs. increase the tourney points from turf collections.. when a gang collect turf every hour during tournament then while giving the tourney point to that gang just Add the Respect level of Gang and Turf xp point. This way gangs with high level profiles can earn fair points from turf collections. At the moment these high level players like me have no much ways to earn points There r no much HNR options for high levels. So many good players r getting irritate because they dont wanna reset and there r no much ways to earn points by playing from their profiles.. If u increase the turney points form turf collections then many gangs will surely try to sit on turfs.. Also Include Next and Previous Button to HNR. 

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