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high levels have nothing to do

The game needs lots of updates for higher levels.. Mainly more war options. Switching to a mini to war is ridiculous, especially when your main account has had thousands spent on it. This is no way to treat loyal players devs. Open up hnr range, make it so a gang can claim a turf and not be challenged for an hour (1 collect), add more missions, bosses, assignments, upkeep gears, diamond gears and businesses. Make DM back to how it was, add a previous and next button on hnr search, change 'send war notice' to 'start hnr on this gang' when visiting a gang, make rewards for the most war wins and turf collects in tournament. If you do these updates the game would be 100 times better!

Also, stop cartels joining DM together. Display the 'friendly neighbourhood' message but change the word 'neighbourhood' to 'cartel'.
Diamonds given out in a diamond tourney should be given in accordance to the tier the gang made.. So demi gets 500, Eternals 400, legends 300 etc. When diamond tourney is on the energy refills should be half price. Think about everything I've said, it will make the game great again.

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