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unable to reach servers

Unable to reach servers since 2am...

Same here unable to reach sever please fix thanks

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Same here

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5 1/2 hours later.....
I think it's a shame how we spend our hard earned money with these ppl to entertain ourselves with their product ( DTM ) but when something goes wrong with it they feel we deserve no explanation. I've been unable to reach server sense yesterday as I see with many others yet they have ignored us ALL in our efforts to just get a clear understanding of what the problem is.I'm gonna just wait to see what happens and if things get worse, i'll take this to the news and file a case on the makers in small claims court. I sued when they had mafia wars and won after showing credit card transactions of over $2,500 in four months with them. They had to pay me back plus I was awarded another $1,500 for their negligence. This is not a threat, but, if I continue to have problems with account being suspended for no reason, server connection errors etc. I will take legal matters against the makers of DTM because I'm beginning to feel like I'm being robbed.
Having the same problem right now and it's super annoying was having fun for a day and a half then this glitch happens and I can't play the game.

Apologies for the inconvenience caused,

There was an unexpected technical error which affected our services for a while.

We have now resolved it and have rewarded Diamonds as compensation, please collect them from your profile - Enjoy playing and reach us for any support at any time.

Thank you for your patience and kind cooperation,

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