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Fights feel boring? Try Street Brawl >:)

It's been 2 years since my last brainchild on this forum, it was accepted with amazing support 

( ).
I think it's about time I let this idea out.

Let's be honest, waiting for energy and fighting for exp and loot is plain old boring. It's been this way for a long time. Some of us might not have gangs so wars aren't in the reach either. So, here comes the Idea of a Street Brawl.

A Street Brawl is a bunch of random players fighting to the death. These players will be in the same level range which increases significantly as the levels increase. Minimum 5 players can enter a street brawl (Maximum is upto devs), they bet money (increases as the levels go up) on themselves and fight it out till the last man is standing. Each hit gives them extra points and killing another player gives 2x points. (I thought it out so that all the players hit the weakest link first thus reducing the competition instantly and keeping these brawls small) (or if you're smart, team up on the strongest ;D ) As the players die, they're rendered unable to attack, when everyone is dead, the last man standing gets 75% of the cash+XP and the person with most points gets 25% (in most cases, both these rewards will go to the same person). These brawls will end fairly soon but will definitely be a good way for players to earn some fast extra cash and xp without a lot of effort.As a reward, the person who wins, gets all the exp (including the ones other players got by hitting each other) all to himself, the losers get nothing.

You won't be able to click any other tabs till the battle is over and there will be a single refresh button after youre dead till the Brawl ends so you can see the events going on. When the Brawl ends you'll be gives your rewards (if you're lucky enough to win) and be thrown back to the hood tab.

At higher levels, this can be rigged since there's not a lot of players that high up and they can just bet to get one player a lot of cash and xp, hence this is something the devs will have to overcome. A level restriction would be a good choice but that's just unfair.

So, here's the general idea. You hit the fights tab, click street brawl, there will be a space to enter your bet (Minimum and maximum increase as the levels increase) and hit the button to brawl. You get into a fight with 5 strangers and brawl it out. You can't get out till the fight is done.

We can also implement a tier system which features ladders in each tier (higher wins go higher). Tiers will be decided by levels.

There will also be rewards and achievements for these brawls, the best fighters will be featured, and after a limited amount of time, they can be given tier rewards but this idea is the same as wars, so it can be omitted.

This is what makes this idea even better, after a certain amount of brawl wins, you will get either a business or weapon/armor/vehicle which are a few levels higher than yourself for free.(Without its upkeep cost of course :D) This way, the higher level players (who might not be satisfied with the money or exp they get in brawls) can enjoy some extra benefits. (Devs may also add some new items just for the brawl rewards, but that might be a little harder and time consuming, but well, fingers crossed.)

Again, this is just a suggestion, community help is always welcome and you guys can drop your ideas to make it better. Let me know, your feedback is appreciated.

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