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What to do about gang not recieving tournament money????

Hello Jim/ Vin, I'm Ms Get, a lvl 219. My gang is IMMORTAL GODS. We were in this past weekend's tournament. We reached tier 2 for a 40 BILLION each payout. Each of our gang did not receive any money for the tournament nor our points. Every day delayed getting our money, we should each get a 19% interest for the delay of payment. I have asked many other gangs and non have ever experienced no payment!!! And I've been getting something continually about freezing and I havecto prove I am not a bot?? That I'm a human. At one point before end of tournment, gang points were. 1072, wins were40, loses 10 ( but not positive) , turfs 21, won ratio Tier Elites, Bonus 40 BILLION. More was done after that!!! Show me the money for my crew!!! It's bad enough you keep game lagging although you can fix. This I already know! There is a 4" waiting time between each time allowed to rehit. We want our tournament money with atleast a 10% daily compound interest. That is fair, that is what your bank gets! Expecting an answer, payment and interest before Fridays tournament. I need that money to buy equipment! Thank you, Gail a.k.a. Ms Get ( the original trigger finger from iMobsters). Have a blessed year and a spontaneous week! Blessings are free. Respect is earned. HOPING YOU EARN OUR **RESPECT** G :)
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I never got paid for this last tournament. We hit Elite and I didn't get my 40 billion. What's going on?
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