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Energy Timer Reduction Item


I would like to suggest that an "Energy Timer Reduction" item be added to the game as a drop/loot item from an assignment. Energy is essential to the game for fighting bosses, battling in gang wars during tournaments, and fighting people off of the Fight List, Hit List, and Rival List. There seem to be at least two items for stamina timer reduction (one from "Call of The Cartel", and one from the assignment in Mexico City). While stamina is important, I personally do not view it as being nearly as important as energy. As such, I believe it is only fitting that at least one "+15 Energy Time Boost" loot item be added as a reward from an assignment.

Perhaps such an item already exists and I am unaware. I am only level 127, so I do not have every city unlocked yet, and I cannot see the rewards from every assignment in the game. If this item already exists, please let me know; however, if it does not, I would implore you to consider this request.

Thank you,


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