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Turf wars

When you are in control of a turf and a gang wants to fight you for it, I think that their gang members should have to be around the same levels as your gang members or around the same respect level. This way the gang being challenged would have a fighting chance at least. Everytime I go to war with a gang over my turf the levels of all their members are 200-300+ whereas my gang only had 2 very low 100's and the rest of my gang is 70 and less. So their 300 could hit my 100 and win easily. My 100 on the other hand is just out of luck because she's not strong enough to defend herself and neither is the rest of my gang. And there are alot of gangs out there who is gonna hit the weaker gangs because it's a guaranteed win. It would definitely make turf wars more fun if you could fight the challenging gang with at least knowing that you could win.

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