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 Armory changes

- why can't we enter the amount we want to buy. I have an account which I camp at level 0 as some sort of weird alt. I have 3 million of the balisong knife and have to buy them 500 at a time. Any reason this can't be chnaged?

- add a way to sort by items you have. So if i buy something for a mission and want to sell it I dont have to go through all of the items I have cause I often miss it and have to go through 2 or 3 times.

PC Chrome Changes

- when switching accounts if I have already closed the massive event window can it be remembered between accounts? You already know I am in my "local neighborhood" so showing me this message is just annoying not useful after the first time!

Reddit or a Forum

- unlike other games like this there is no active forum or reddit page which always seems to bring these games alive. I have played this game since 2015 and the one thing I miss vs other games is the community aspect outside the game. Somewhere for people ot post the things they find have done or just want to post about.


-Add some sort fo event calendar so we know when events are coming up. Easy enough to guess but makes it a little more obvious! On this note can there be any more special events etc at christmas add a temp boss?

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I am not sure about the armory your having complications with. “Reddit or a Forum” - They have a Facebook Page that leads to a Facebook community group. Lots of nice people their including the developers. “Calendar” - They usually add / post some of their upcoming events on their official Facebook page and new stuff in the group where the “whole” DownTown Mafia group is at. I hope this comment gave you what your looking for. *Cheers*

Thanks for the feedback. 

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