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DTM SUGGESTIONS - Pay It In Diamonds - July 2020

WHY WAIT???   Pay in Diamonds to complete Early: Bosses, Jobs, Missions, Wars, Boss Wars, etc. Instead of waiting hours or days to wait for the next boss to arrive or complete it. Or if you need 3 Cops to Start an Assignment or Boss. Then you can buy them with diamonds instead of doing countless jobs to complete it, wasting time, when you could be doing something else!  Have a button where you can complete the task by buying it in diamonds like they did for Mafia Wars and countless other online games!

This game has the potential to make so much money from the players only if they looked at their competition to see how they bring in extra money. 

For instance a youtube media blogger game player "MrBeast6000" gives players up to $30,000.00 in real USA currency thru the game Fortnite. He is very very well known to the social media. Of course he has sponsors. But if DTM got in on some of that money. Think of the possibilities you can do with that extra cash and that's just one player buying thousands of players in that game and more giving them free money! Hell with that kind of money you can buy yourself a better gaming server. 

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