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Regenerate health upon being placed on the Hit List

DEVs have you considered making it to one's health regenerates to 100% upon being placed on the Hit List. I see this as being very challenging as well. Or is staying in the hospital the 'bigger' challenge?

We are working on a similar mechanic and will be released with the next update. There won't be any hospital in the HITLIST... the other player is always considered as full health

Thank you for the update. I know you listen to the player. Just takes time to develop properly. Great game and keep up the good work.

It seems the hit-list in this game is all or nothing as far as how many times it automatically hits a person. Although its leaps and bounds better than when I first started playing this game, I still believe there is still room for improvement. If someone gets listed then everyone can hit the person with single hits. Whether or not you win or loose you can still knock down the health. The last person to hit the health to zero gets the bounty. This makes it more of a challenge to get a bounty and does not waste all of your energy. Why must I hit someone with 300, 400 etc. health as if they are fully healed when they are not. Basically the way it is now, someone with 25 health takes me 10 or 20 hits to remove from hit-list. Having no emergency room is another big improvement which should not be removed. Just a few thoughts I had since the last round of changes

Phil, I understand what you're saying, but consider that people with that much HP maybe deserves to be not be taken off the hit list that easily.

They did spend skill points to get such a high health, and the benefits of that are... well... limited (there are virtually none, whatsoever.)

So granting them this tiny advantage - I think - is fair game. If you want to grab more bounties, then you better hop on the health train as well, is my point of view.

//Formidable - DeathWish MGS

Someone who you can beat on the fight-list but cant be killed on the hit-list makes no sense. Thats all im saying

Another thought, this is the only place health actually has an advantage in this game. before this it was completely useless. Some games i have played the xp you got from fight was more if you had higher health. correct me if im wrong, but if you have 100 health or 1000 you get a max of 6 xp per fight.

The new health upgrade is great, those times people like Haldol could take a month on the list nowdays i dont see him. With the old style if a diamond player messed with you, you wilk jst ignore coz ordering a hit was pointless when somebody is going to take the whole week on the list. Nowdays even Mehdi can die from a level 90
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