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New Death Match Option

Hey Devs hows about you create a death match option for continuance of health. Its sort of unfair for one gang to beat up another gang and then they hide in the ER for the duration of the death match causing them to last long enough for 1 or 2 survivals. For those gangs who put the work in beating them up they still lose it all. Unfair. A new forced health DM would be good for those not afraid of fighting to the ultimate death. Kill and then automatic heal for continuance of fight.

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Sort of take the new experimental update and have it as a new genre of Deathmatch? I see a lot of people don't like it but a few do so how bout making it permanent but only as a type like raw mettle or no holds barred
My suggestion was to only make it apply to the people who are online during the Deathmatch. Or set a time limit for someone to heal instead if sniping for hours.

We have a new update coming which will enable ZERO HP KILL as a new deathmatch type (instead of the current experimental rule which was applied to all DMs)

congrats boss

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