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Tournament Fairness

These tournaments have become so one sided its a joke. Low level players (150 or lower) will never get to do anything in the tournaments. Wars are too unbalanced. Turfs are a joke. The top few gangs sit on them and reap all the benefits while I have to have a dummy gang to fight just to get to the first gang tag level. There needs to be an overhaul of the tourney system. And to all the higher level players who my read this. Too f*ing bad for you if you want to whine and cry. Everybody should have a chance at the rewards.

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Thats right :)


Everybody who works for it should have a chance.

Getting above lvl 150 isn't much work. I did it in less than a week. Holding turfs are not only for "diamond players" nowadays, since Riot and Raw Mettle turfs now exist. Fact is that you now have gangs without a single diamond player holding turfs and placing in the top in EVERY tournament.

To me it just sounds like you want it for free. Nothing in this world is free. You either pay with diamonds, or pay with your time. No one said it would be easy placing high in tournaments or holding turfs.

//Formidable - DeathWish MGS
I got a lvl 85 account with four other gang members from lvl 12 to 30, not a single diamond player in it, entered our first tournament from lvl 0 right at the beginning and ended the tournament with 15 points two days early. You're right we're never gonna compete with the top gangs for a long while, but there's still plenty of gangs to compete with. I don't begrudge the big gangs, but you admitting fighting dummy gangs to get ur points and then moaning bout the fairness of wars? Look up hypocrite in the dictionary
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