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Hideout item

I think there should be an item that you can purchase or win that are in increments of 1 day, 3 days, and 5 days that allows when used...for you to be in hiding and won't be able to be hit or able to hit anyone for that amount of time unless you cancle the item early. This item is for people who want to camp without worrying about taking unnecessary losses from and getting farmed by weak players because you are unarmed

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'Camping' is not really a part of the game... we want players to actively participate in fights and stay strong/armed.

Understanding that you want players to keep playing and stay armed and strong, but the game does not allow this to happen to effectively. Money isnt made or generated fast enough for you to stay armed up at the max ability for each lvl, or for you to buy enough businesses to give you enough income for upkeep because its so high. If you arm up, your hourly income goes down and you dont make you have to disarm to make enough money in order to buy businesses for upkeep money for the bigger weapons for that level. You wont survive. If you keep playing you are going to level up and if you dont have enough income for the upkeep for the right weapons at your are gonna get destroyed. Most people want to stop playing after they get beat up on
Please reconsider or try to make a way that we can build money faster. I really like this game...but it frustrates me to have to wait to play because im not strong enough. Like a lvl 45 and I need at least 80mil of upkeep to arm up with the best and at max but im only making 43mil an hr. Its taking forever for me to get enough money to buy enough businesses for my upkeep. And I want to

While I agree with you that camping is a big part of the game, whether Jim wants to acknowledge it or not... I think you've overestimated the amount of income you need to not "get destroyed".

At lvl 45 I'd worry more about leveling than upkeep. Just arm yourself with fairly cheap stuff and level up. As you level up, you will have your stamina restored to the max, so doing missions are really useful for your economy, as well as for your skill points.

Look at Bulletstorm, for example. She's in the gang "MONEY". 20k wins, 3k losses. She's lvl 160 and doesn't have 250 mil yet. That's when I'd start building my income. But before that, I wouldn't say it's really worth it. And camping before you have 100 mil at least is just mathematically wrong, since you gain more money from fighting and doing missions every hour.

//Formidable - DeathWish MGS
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