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Sent and cancel options for war request

I would like have a option to see a list of all the active war request that was sent out, and a option to cancel a request that was sent out. The cancel war request is for gangs that have been waiting for a response from the other gang and they dont get it, but as soon as they log off and stand down...the other gang answers and get free wins. Once I log off, I want to be able to stop all my request because I won't no longer be on to defend myself

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This is good. I logged on before, accepted a war request and then found the other gang wasn't online. Obviously i took the win, but i did message the other boss after and apologised and set up a rematch but i did feel bad. I know most on the game would be buzzing but it was unfair and this would stop this happening again
This is a great idea. I also have previously lost a war to a low level gang because I fell asleep. I really do hope Devs implement this idea. Nice thinking bro.
This is good and if a gang wants to quit they would have to pay a fee
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