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Hey devs another idea, how about a lead board which refreshes every week and the top five people get in 1st place 100 diamonds 2nd place 50 diamonds, 3rd place 25 diamonds, 4th place 15 diamonds, and 5th place 10 diamonds. The leader board is made by the most amount of money that is looted from fights and from missions so if I do 40fights using forty energy I might get 80 million, then if I do two missions I might get 30million, so altogether I have 110million. You are then ranked in the Leader Board with other people who are in the same range, good ranges could be 0-20, 21-45, 46-70, 71-110, 111-145, 146- 200 and then 200+. Think about it devs it would be really cool

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I think we all know who the top 5 will be...

Ich, Jinn, gf, Mehdi(?) and pcb

Every week. ;)

Then you need to work extra hard to beat them if they're in your range
Maybe top 5 according to tier ranks. You cant expect a level 10 to compete with level 284 mehdi
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