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I want to have and another OPTION in REP(TOTAL HOURS ONLINE) ,

Just like kickbacks, they are in days, i want for hours , 

for eg , 100 hours total, then 500,800,1000,1500,2000,2500 Hrs,so on ,,,,,, or whatever way u like ,special items in gift, or 

*only1 income or different type on different benchmark

as im online 20 hrs in a day , and have no benifit of it .DTM IS ADDECTIVE LOL

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Lol, I would probably have the most... Haven't turned it off since last February.

Could be nice ;)

Although I suspect there is no way to do it retroactively, so it would start counting from now.

This would b good. But could u do active hours? I.e. some ppl dont log out, or fall asleep playing, so if they aint pressed anything for say ten mins, counter stops counting

yup , dats cool

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