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Search by username & "Put In Work" features

I think it would be very helpful if we could search for specific ppl by their username. Also it would be helpful to have a button next to each gang members name on our gang members page or on their profile to push to send them out to put in work or hit certain ppl. We would be able to ultimately control our gang and make sure our gang members are loyal by completing the tasks (putting in work) or hitting certain ppl we tell them to hit. I picture it like this (picture it with me): I go to my gang page where each gang member is listed and beside each members name (or on their profile after clicking on them) there would be a button labeled "Put In Work". I click the button an then a pop-up comes up where i can choose whether to send them to do specific tasks (ill let u decide the tasks) or hit a certain person. The gang member would then get a notification telling them what to do. After that member has completed the task the boss and president (right hand) get a notification letting them know the member has followed orders and completed their task. The search by username feature would be for everyone but the "Put In Work" feature would be for gang bosses and presidents only. Pls take my idea into serious consideration. Real gang members in real life put in work and order hits. I believe the more like real life you guys make this game, the better and more fun it will be. Thank you for yor time. -Brad aka "ThexReaper" in Mafia Street Kings
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