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put a green and red down or up from there name if there on or Off

I think it would help alot to see if there on or Off that way people would no it makes game fun to play

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It seems like a good idea
Good idea but I suggest explaining your topic and giving more reasons why this would be good feature to implement. If you explain it more Devs might spend more time to use it. Good idea though I'm voting yes.

not a good idea.. your enemies will farm you non stop once they see you're offline.. especially on turf wars..

agree with Dee Cypher
Agree w fee Cypher I will definitely me i am not gonna come hit u blind sided but these ppl don't care
Great idea but i agree it needs more support.
Or maybe that they can't attack while offline

No other functionality than just an indicator and would become something people always forget to do...

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