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"use code" feature in all player's wall

Hey devs i request to you that "use code" feature is visible in all player wall so that we increase mob easily..means i send mob request in all player's increase mob is helpfull for all

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Sorry, you can 'Use Code' only if the other player has explicitly asked you to add him/her by posting on your profile.

Or maybe dev could jus give us all maximum mobs and a quad launcher for each of them, jus to make it easier (*drip of sarcasm hits the floor*)
Thats a great idea. Or a broadcast poat option. To post ur code across the walls of all online players.

ya do this devs

i think its a nice idea

nice idea

nice idea denish......its very usefull for all and incrase a mob fast

do this devs...its a good idea

ya its right..please do this devs