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Russian Roulette

Challenge a player to russian roulette. Send request with a wager.

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You send a wager to someone else, they accept... one of you randomly wins?

Doesn't seem very intelligent, or fun.

Please explain what you mean by "Russian Roulette" in terms of gameplay. You can't just say "Horse racing" and presume that everyone knows what you mean by it.

//Formidable - DeathWish MGS

Winning the wager... i would assume not everyone would be cheap.
The goal of it.
What do you need explained?
I didn't agree or disagree. I'm still confused on this Russian Roulette thing...... It's food time peeps.
I'm not insulting you no way no how,and I guess you don't agree with AJ C's idea... thus the use of sarcasm.
Well,before I'm insulted I'm going to say yeah, my question was totally sarcasm.
@ Michael Brandon - you're kidding, right ? You're using sarcasm right there, aren't you ? ? ? You know... the one bullet in the gun game ( a revolver ) that some bad ass actors use in the movies sometimes.
What is Russian Roulette?
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