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need answer plz

Does anyone kno y i won 2 warz during tourney n didnt recieve any points?

do we suppose to recieve net payout after the income boost?

If you haven't got enough upkeep to have the weapons it sends you to the properties page to buy businesses
When I try to buy armor or weapons it takes me to buy property what's up with it
I'm playing DTM n I can2 get past a board due to a looted item. I passed everything on the level n I was suppose to receive the item to move on to the next board n can't move on, cause I beat everything on that level except the board that I need the item. Will I have to start over?
What is going on about my complaint no 5689 ! If nothing is done I will be reporting this to Facebook complaints and or the police

I'm guessing you have a lvl 0 gang and fought lvl 0 gangs?

0 + 0 = 0

If you meant that you didn't get a reward, then it's because you didn't have 10 points or more, which was needed to get into the lowest tier.

//Formidable - DeathWish MGS

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