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Facebook account

Can't connect to face. It says it's already connected to a account. I checked the game on Facebook, like it, started playing on device. When I tried to connect my account to Facebook it says it's already connected to the account I started just to check the game. How can I erase that Facebook account to insert this one that I have on Device? I will play on this one, not the face one. Thanks

Please help me get my fb account got suspended plz help I really love this game and I miss my account so much plz help thxs
how to solve this -We could not log you in: You can't log in to this app or website because you do not meet the requirements for country, age or other criteria.
Please help me! I cant get into facebook account. It says its already logged in but wont let me in account. And i already have another account linked to google. Havent been able to get on since last saturday smh! I need a ticket for help. Please respond back.

Please use this forum for only feature requests...

About your issue, you are not able to connect to FB from your device account cos your FB already have another account linked to it. So, just login via FB... ERASE the current account linked to FB.

I know that. But I want to play on face too. It's easier to add mobs. It's too hard to add them in mobile device. I have to write it over and over again. In face I can copy paste. Isn't any way? If you delete my Facebook account or something. I tried to log off but it say it's my primary account, that I can't log off.

In your case, you can connect the Device to Gmail using 'Add Login' option in 'Settings 'and then always access it using Gmail. 

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