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account recover

My old mob on iphone is lost how do I recover is my phone broke and I didnt have a link please help

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Please email us the details at


Thank you
pls I have a problem login into my account, Her name is 'pusspusscatty' the email I used in opening the account is '' she is d boss of 'got gang' please I need dis account badly........ Thank you.

 I am extremely happy to read this article.

Please get back my PSYCHO BASTARD account, he"s showing up as unknown in my others Crime family now

We have replied to the ticket, please note that only one account can be linked to a login.

Whats the script with family members using account for years with devs knowledge from the start then banning the account after some grass snitched caused he couldn't handle being farmed 24/7. Yet others are selling accounts left right and centre, sharing account s through wars fixing wars. Abusive language personal threats and devs giving out details of peoples whereabouts which is a basic breat of data protection. How is this shite able to go on yet a paying participants account gets banned cause his wife used it. The games rigged an you know it.
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