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It would be cool if we could assign titles to ourselves, that would be displayed beneath our name (in the gang, the fight list, the profile, etc.)

The titles wouldn't be just anything, but they would have to be the "Rep"-titles that we have gained. So for example someone could have "Viscount", "Warlord" or "Capo" as their title. It's a bit of a show-off feature, where we can choose to display our greatest achievement or just the coolest title we have.


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Maybe having it where we assign seperate roles per person if we chose and we can name the title ourselves...basically change Boss...Underboss...Righthand. also like I said...we could give anyone we chose any powers the boss and underboss chose to give those under them.

I don't think I like that, Clarity. It would mean that it would be up to the gang boss to distribute titles as he/she pleases (and it will only show in the gang view.)

My way would be independent of gangs. The chosen title will show up in your profile, for example.

This feature existed in the old MMORPG City Of Heroes/Villains (among others, I would assume) and it was very popular. It's pretty menacing to show off your 10 billion fights won title to others.

That could be done by the user for their profile rather than gang. Now maybe something where the gang page shows the Latest achievements of the gang members...Like a Trophy Room. To what I am talking about. Everyone already starts in a gang as a Gangsta. The Boss or Underboss have to give any other titles out. With what I am talking about...makes a little more activity within a gang...of course the Boss would still be able to do everything...Underboss everything but Disband a gang. It would just give some people something to look forward in moving up in ranks. Operation control...Turf control...Gang War control...Recruit control (minus those ranked above them and cannot give powers within gang). Along with customized gangs titles.

Maybe you should post your own feature request? Since it's not really the same thing. You are talking about permissions in gangs and stuff - I'm not.

I am talking about customizable titles...quite similar actual.
I like that idea Formidable. Just like call of duty. Good idea Dev Do It...Do It

If u gained that tag then its good if u can show any one of them with ur name (as optional) . after-all you earned it. 

I like it!

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