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Gang Rankings and skill points

I think for feature gaming on DTM u shuld do sumthing with the ranka of gangs instead of righthands underbosses and gangstas u shuld b more creative with the rankings. And also u shuld b able to move ur players in the order u want them to b in not let the computer do it n have the weakest player in 3rd spot. Alota of DTM players will have my back i play this game like no tmmrw! But it culd have alota changes. Also skill points u shuld create sumthing where it allows us to reset or fix sum of are skill points it wuld help me n many other DTM playrrs!
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Maybe you should start with looking at the features already requested?

It also helps if you post in the correct section. This is the help section, not the feature request section. Oh, and create a separate topic for each of your feature requests.

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