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iPhone dtmafia app not working

I am not sure if this is temporary but my app for dt mafia won't go past the first main loading screen I have closed it and opened it back up and nothing won't work let me know if it's a iPhone thing or what

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How long is awhile months weeks?
How long is awhile?

@All, we are working on fixing the issue. It will need a fresh build from us. It might take some time. Thanks.

Same here only APPLE said DTM needs to create a fix. So who is creating the fix??? I've uninstalled reinstalled from an older back up. Spent hours on the phone with AAPLE even screen sharing my phone. Finally they said get in touch with the Developers I had already done that. I think Christmas has held up the fix. It's been a week or more I'm very frustrated I've spent more time and money than I'd care to admit on DTM. How long before it's fixed.
Dtm will not load.Keep getting message unable to connect to server. How long is Dtm gonna be unavailable?
I got a msg Sorry for the inconvenience, We have send the new update to apple which will fix the issues and soon will be available to you all, as of now please try playing in facebook or install the old app DOWNTOWN MAFIA (RPG)- Free under the name Jim Jose. Thanks, Meg So anyone looking here that's is what to do for now
I hope they fix this soon I did find a way to kinda play over the internet but it sucks this way

Having the same issue after the latest update. Re-downloaded the game multiple times, rebooted phone, and even tried loading the game on different connections. The app doesn't load past the main loading screen. The game still sends me notifications, however, which is odd.

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