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make it to were we can spend diamondd on bringing a boss out of the hospital and the way.the game lag so bad make it to were we can back out if a boss fight

Not a good idea. People would finish bosses too soon. Bosses are good as they are. A lot of high level players worked hard to get their bosses so would be unfair to them


Nope. Not unfair to us at all. It took me the better part of 6 months to get Moe as a merc, but I already have him now, so all that time will forever be lost. Look into the "Sunk Cost" logical fallacy.

I could care less if new players could pay 100 diamonds to fight him instantly.

I have nothing to lose from that. Actually, I have more to gain from that, since I could then reset and it would not take me another 6 months to complete.

It's something that has been brought up before though, and the devs have not said it's something that is planned for the future, so I don't know if it will happen.

I disagree. Why should we have to reset to reap benefits from a new rule change. The boss rules were set from the beginning of DTM. Why should devs change it because newer players are too impatient? Its a real bad idea in my opinion :)
Also players would complete all bosses too quickly and then moan that they want new bosses. This game/app is a marathon, not a sprint. I do agree with being able to back out from a boss fight though. :)

What I meant was that it doesn't affect me at all, unless I reset, in which case I would just be thrilled to be able to do this.

We might not reap any benefits from it if we have already defeated them, but we sure as hell wont get any disadvantages from it.

I now have 4 bosses as mercs, which took me a year 2 EARN respect the rules. That's the issue now a days, everybody wants 2 "buy" in 2 something, no one wants 2 EARN anything. Thanks 4 ur input, @ Elvis
Boss Setting time was Good don need to change it... Only HEALTH n times for Shades Vega white black n Mad Russian need Change Atleast Give 1 or 2 The Best boss setting - health same like cronus ..That give some Advantage to Non diamond player got The Best Boss
IF still stay like now I think who have money n rich can get The best Boss ... Try ask to all player who want spent Skill point only at energy.., if all skill point put at energy just for fight boss ... How that playe cant fighting with another player...? .if thier acc not have skill point at ATT n DEF ...?
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