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Server Connection Error

Can't connect my app. Is there an issue?

2 people have this question

I'm having same problem
Same here
Me too Keeps saying unable to connect to server..

it would be real nice and considerate if dtm would at least post whats goin onĀ 

Devs should have a good reason for this

Same here what going on
Sheesh! At least post on your Facebook page and website to let folks know that the site is down...
Same here guyz!! Dtm isnt startin!! Mahn!! Devs sort this out please!!
Everyone should submit a ticket.
Yep cant get on either none of my gang can as well .we are all seriously miffed . Can we at least have an explanation and a rough timescale as to when issue will be resolved ty
Has Devs Shut down DTM permanently!! I heard it in the BC!! :(
Works now guys
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