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Yo guyz!! Dtm is Outta server frm last 6-7 hours. Idk y!? Please request devs to start DTM asap!!!!!!!! We all love the game!!!!.

They should tell us something man they owe me money n diamonds for this shit
I guess They are updating"! But updating doesnt take this much time!!!. Hope They Start Dtm soon!!! :(
Does anyone know what the problem is with the DT Mafia game? Its been out for a long time....can't reach me if u know.... Thanks
Hey shah...I emailed devs 3 times n never got a respond...
DTMafia has been off for hours...I emailed devs 3 times n never got a respond...I lost diamonds n money....this is so messed up.
I've been emailing.them also 4 the past 7 hours. Was in the middle of fighting a boss, i know i lost all progtess now. Idk whats going on, still haven't got a response from devs, even though it'll take up to 24hrs 4 them 2 respond, i thought this issue would b resolved by now. So frustrating guys i know, let me know if u hear anything. Smdh I'm playing from the time i get up til the time i go 2 sleep, never took this long 2 update so erked.
Exactly!! I emaield devs 2 times!! They replied me wid some Link!! Wich opened this!! This is really messing!!
@ shsh, wow, it's 1:30am where i am. Hopefully dtm is back up by daylight. Wait just got a dtm notification, it's back up n running, yay!;+)

Shit guys, chill the fk out.

The Devs have the most to lose from this, so it's not like this isn't their first priority.

Its been fixed now. Thank you all for your patience.

@ formidable, no U chill out, that's y this is a forum, we have a right 2 say how we feel, u act like u got stock in the company, calm down small fry, it ain't that deep. Smdh, lmao.

You have the right to say how you feel?

First of all, you have no rights here, this is, as you so succinctly pointed out, a forum. The rules that happen to apply here are made by the devs, not by you or by any law that may apply where you live.

Second, I am completely calm, I'm just seeing a bunch of people crying over something that will most likely be fixed, and crying over it wont help at all. I do have stock in the company, in the sense that I have put down thousands of dollars and hours into the game. Of course I want it to work, but a shouting match in a forum wont help the devs solve any problem they might have. If you can't see that, then I have no words.

It's already fixed. What shouting match? U don't have stock in the company, u just paid ur way through a free game, lol. Look on reason i wad on here is because of connection issues, it's fixed now, so all the comments from the peanut gallery aren't nessesary. Have a good day n keep spending ur thousands i know 1 thing it won't b me.

Holy shi.... Yeah, you are too stupid for words. You didn't even read what I said, or you didn't understand it, either way, this is not a conversation I want to continue. Bye now.

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