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Yo guyz!! Dtm is Outta server frm last 6-7 hours. Idk y!? Please request devs to start DTM asap!!!!!!!! We all love the game!!!!.

It's already fixed. What shouting match? U don't have stock in the company, u just paid ur way through a free game, lol. Look on reason i wad on here is because of connection issues, it's fixed now, so all the comments from the peanut gallery aren't nessesary. Have a good day n keep spending ur thousands i know 1 thing it won't b me.
@ formidable was no need 4 name calling, u must b stupid 4 paying thousands if dollars on a game that u reap no benifits from. Or ur mom must be mentally retarded 4 having u knowing that her mental issue were genetic and were going 2 b passed ddown. Either way i suggest u play the game and not with me. I not once degraded u or tried 2 hit below the belt until u started the name calling. Not funny any more and i really don'tthink u want 2 go there with me. U about u spend thousands on a game, yeah u probably do, besides the thousands on ur porn collection
Get a life, u must live in a shell, find another hobby, go lose ur virginity or something, there's a whole world out here instead of being a spokesperson 4 a developer company n u don't even know how 2 read binary codes. Smdh, btw, grow a pair!;+/
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