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Cash prize for tourneys

Any way we can get an update on the cash prize for tourney tiers?  There are many players that are high enough in levels and gear that it costs twice as much to gear up as what the top prize in the tourney pays out.  In addition the loss of income during the 4 days of the tourney is three times what the top prize pays out.  It costs me $212 billion to equip my mob.  My daily income is $86 billion.  For four days that equals $344 billion.  Total cost to do the tourney is $556 billion and the top prize is $200 billion.  At that rate I go backwards every time I do a tourney.  If i stop doing the tourneys, I stop buying diamonds for refills.  Time for an update.  Thanks.

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Yes, sure, a hybrid would be good too.

I'm sure we will have more things to occupy our gaming habits with when Cartel-interactions come into play as well. I mean in the sense that respect points might matter in that area in a more significant and in my mind, more suitable way.

While I can agree with a few of your points @Formidable, in no way can I agree that individual wars shouldn't somehow include the hard work of whoever may have been in control of said gangs. Every individual gang has the same opportunities to raise their respect level the same as the next gang. The gangs that decide to not take advantage of those opportunities in no way should be rewarded with higher tournament points. That's just my opinion. I can say that I am happy that I am rewarded with the opportunity for more tourney points in accordance with the time effort and money I've put into the gang I'm fighting in (or resurrecting next tourney) and I don't think it would be fair for some gang that just started to receive the same points my team would without them putting forth the same level of effort. The current point system may be flawed, but at least gives credit to those teams that have put in the hard work, time and in a lot of cases money to get those gangs to where they are. I'm certainly open to new ideas, but doing away with all consideration to above mentioned efforts would be a slap in the face to those of us who have done so. Maybe there's a way to make something work that includes a bit of both...

Go start your own thread instead of polluting others.

I'm sorry if you feel offended, but this is a discussion forum, and I am discussing the merits of just raising the reward ceiling is better than to reformat the whole thing.

If you don't like that, well, tough luck.

@Keith I consider myself to be among the "top gangs", so you have no idea what you are talking about.

@Ted, yes, maybe loot isn't the best solution, but it's certainly better than the current one, is all I'm saying. I don't think anyone of us can oppose that a gang with Mehdi, Brick, Nuk, Tornado and Hal is going to win all of their wars - regardless of their respect level. Is it really fair to them or to anyone they are fighting that they get 1 point if they are in a new gang and 70 points if they are in Pyro? Isn't it more fair to base it on the merits of the actual war itself than what the gang has previously done?

So what I think should be done, in simpler terms;

  • Rework the tournament points system to be a more fair representation of individual wars, and not which gangs are fighting in it.
  • Adjust the tiers appropriately to account for the fluctuations in points distribution
  • Lower the amount of tournaments, make all rewards golden rewards and (at least) double the cash prizes for all tiers.
  • Continue working on new, good solutions (for example a matchmaking function) to keep players occupied and active.
And this will still make "top gangs" get a lot more points - because they simply fight a lot more, get a lot more loot and can hold on to turfs.

And to reiterate, it doesn't have to be based on loot (maybe the amount of events and the length of the war?), but using the respect level is pretty unbalanced imo.
Sorry, I don't see the loot for points as a working idea. Too many of these lower level teams don't have any cash on hand. While it takes some of us higher levels hundreds of billions to buy businesses that will actually move the needle on income. Look at the top war. While both teams are high respect level, one team earned 22bil loot while the other team drew 66bil loot. And you think this is a fair way to make the point system? I don't see how that can help. Now the having teams that want to fight sit in que doesn't sound bad. But there isn't always gonna be two teams of equal strength standing by. I know this from the last game I played trying the same thing. After twenty minutes of sitting in standby the requirements fell off and you end up having David vs Goliath anyway. Yes, "While teams CHOOSE to do nothing to raise their respect level" is exactly what I meant. I recieved a gang that was respect level 27 (if memory serves me correctly, lol) and in just a couple of months with the help of my teammates raised the respect level to 58, 4th place over-all. So teams still sitting at respect level 4 are doing so by choice. The boss gangs and tourneys and turfs are all available to every gang. Whether they choose to compete is their choice. Personally I think they're just restarting new gangs every week so they can sit on ops, but that's another subject. As is most of this! This is supposed to be about tourney rewards. Not tourney scoring, respect level or any of the other things this has become a debate over. Tourney prizes need to be raised as players progress please.

I didn't start this tread so formidable could air his grievances with the top gangs.  I just simply stated that maybe it's time they raised the payout for the tourney tiers.  How they calculate the freaking points that are given for a war doesn't have a damn thing to do with how much it costs me to do the tourney versus the reward I receive if I achieve the top prize.  If you like my idea formidable great say so.  If you don't move on and start your own thread for your ideas about how the top gangs got to where they are.

I must say I agree wholeheartedly with Keith and Tedrow. Some of theses top gangs make it look so easy to get to that top level. However those players on the outside have no idea how much time, effort, thought, planning and commitment goes into making it look easy. They also don't realize how hard it is to build income when you have to stay armed constantly in order to keep building that gang rep. Keith is spot on about the prizes for the tournament needing to be upped to equal what these players are losing.

I am all for working your ass off, that doesn't change the fact that if Gang A (respect level 10) and Gang B (respect level 10) fight each other and it's incredibly even. The fight lasts for 55 minutes with more than 1000 events - they get 20 points. While if Gang C (Respect level 100) and Gang A fights and Gang C completely overruns Gang A and win in 3 minutes, they get 110 points. That's the opposite effect of what fighting your ass off should get you.

The respect level of gangs is completely irrelevant in all other aspects of the game - it doesn't mean anything, it just means that it the gang has existed for a long time if it's high. I don't think it's fair to anyone to base tournament points off that.

Ted, you didn't read the last thing I said...

If they included some kind of matchmaking where you could basically just click a button to be put in a queue and fight another gang which is fairly equal to you in strength (this will of course vary, especially with high level gangs), the downtime would not be downtime at all. Unless you want it to be. This alleviates the pressure of camping 3 days and arming up again for a tourney, then arming down, then arming up again 3 days later to tourney again. Those 3 days would be extended to 10 or 7 days.

Also, "Chose to do nothing to raise their respect level"...

First, choosing to do everything you can to raise your respect level will not get you anywhere NEAR the top tier gangs even if you BEAT those teams in at least 8-10 MONTHS.

Second, the players who GOT those points for that gang are not necessarily in that gang anymore, which means you are basically lazy surfing on other peoples' achievements anyway, so why should you reap the benefits of that? This is true for almost every gang in the top 20 of respect levels.

I agree with Tedrow.  Those top gangs worked their tails off to get the gang respect level to the point that it is.  Now you want to take that reason away from them?  No everyone else needs to put in the work and do the same.  Everyone can compete in this game.  You just have to work extremely hard.  Nothing should be for free.  

Less tourneys just makes it boring. Some sort of action is nice. Going down the fight list is virtually pointless since everyone going all attack just hides in the ER all day every day. And I think the gang respect level points system is perfectly fine. I don't understand how helping out the gangs that chose to do nothing to raise their respect level get better tourney points is supposed to make the game better personally.

Actually, I think you should try to implement the previous points system...

The current points system benefits those who already are in the top a lot more than those who are just starting out. The previous system (calculated on the loot amount) was, granted easier to fake war with, but a lot better in terms of fighting on equal terms.

The previous points system benefited even wars more than pure stomps, which I believe is a much better solution than just receiving your gangs respect level in points regardless of how even, long or easy the war was.

With that, remake the tiers to better fit the points distribution and up the prizes a bit.

I'm also not sure about the pacing - is 1 tourney a week really a good idea? Isn't it better to double the prizes and stuff, and do it only 2 times a month instead of 4?

I bet you could think of something other than a tournament to keep people active in this game.

Totally agree. Prize amounts should be increased. also might want to think about adding a higher tier. With all the teams that are now able to hit legends with the dm changes, a higher tier seems like the next logical choice.
Damn good's ridiculous that it costs players money to complete.
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