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Xp from wins or losses when being Attacked...

Many will sit at a certain level to build income thus never contributing to the overall fight. Because of this one can gain wins or losses for that matter when getting attacked but never see an increase to the xp. So it's kinda of like free wins or losses. What I'm proposing is that you introduce some percentage of increase or decrease to xp when we are attacked. Maybe 2 xp for being attacked and winning and minus 1 xp for losing. This would bring a new aspect to say 'camping' and the entirety of DownTown Mafia.

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Nope bad idea
I like this idea. Im for any idea to get rid of camping. My account is pretty decent and I usually win when I'm being attacked, so a few points won't hurt. Only thing is that the devs would probably have to open some type of safe house for all levels to stop ppl from levelling down from someone farming them.

After further thought, I would recommend the my above idea could be limited to the fight list exclusively.

bad idea people ill feed

Bad idea
Ideas like this Will ruin DTM.. I dont agree
Bad Idea
maybe we could add a nursery school for all the kiddies so all u lil weak b***hs would have a place to play without whining about something.
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