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Sick player

Devs,i hate pyci in pound town gang.every time he farming like bitch never stop hitting me.i didn't have problem with him but he still farming me 3 times.i need help

I hate sick player devs.pyci like personal hitting.i got farming 3times by him

No wonder dev's can't fix any real problems. Dealing with ridiculous posts like this.  Go play candy crush whiner.  This is a fighting game.  If you don't like losing then build better defense.  There's your help.

Wow ridiculous.this game fighting bitch not gentelmen

No ridiculous is wasting dev's time on something petty like this.  There are real issues in the game that need to be fixed and I am one of the players waiting for dev's to fix a real problem.  Try having your account reset and have to start all over then see if pyci is still a real problem.

Im never touch him or etc.last tourney ours at war and he still farmed need fix from u devs
Dev's im just need u fix this problem cuz i like this game.stop fighting bitch
Comeon devs please help me.he comeagain.never stop farming me
Please devs
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