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Skill Point Allocation Help

Currently level 23, making good income, full mob and defensive Armory items for my level/mob.

I have 123 SPs remaining, I've added some to Stamina, but still sitting at 0 Attack/Defense.

I'm new but this game isn't. I'm having a hard time spending my SPs because I don't want to waste them.

Is there a guide on player types? Attack/Defense/Balanced?

Also, are there any requirement limits? For example if the highest mission will use 60 Stamina I don't want to add 61 to Stamina and waste an SP.

BTW this forum is not that active. Is there a more active place where players communicate? I'd like to get guidance from more experienced players.



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Go Read Faq in game, and remember stamina is also used for fighting, the higher the better. Keep health low to keep from being farmed. You'll learn more in game than here. Good luck Take care

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I fight and I don't get my stamina to upgrade...they owe me more than 10skill points. I fight 1+1,I mob up for a war , I even do assignments ...and nothing
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