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i cant buy $20 worth of diamonds

It says payment unsuccessful my paypal is- linked to me credit card i used it last time and it worked to buy diamonds.

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I had similar problems with my credit card. Downtown Mafia company wanted me to send them a COMPLETE copy of my Driver's License (Front & Back) and Copy of my Ultility Bill in order to purchase stuff my credit card, my problem is with Identity theft on the rise, People can open up credit card accounts in your name for providing this info,

Hi William Monson,

That info is not sought by us. It is sought by the payment gateway...which in this case of FasterPay. The whole idea of it is that no one else besides you would be able to use your Credit card in the game because he would be asked for identity proof. 


FYI - Anyone wanting to get a purchase can't do it by laptop, it must be purchased thru your mobile phone. I had no problems purchasing $99.99 on my phone hope this helps ya. 
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