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Why is it I'm unable to buy diamonds keeps telling me feature is being updated

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I have the same issue here too. Not only me but a few others, we are all in Australia. Nobody from the states that I know of has any problems

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im in Australia also 

I must say also have the same issue fix it ffs lol

I'm in the USA & Payment Wall is blocking my purchases on DTM?

They also don't accept Paypal?  Which is a big inconvenience for me , since I make most online payments using Paypal.  They are allowing charges even when PIN / PASSWORD is not used.  Paypal is secure.  Payment -Wall I know nothing about?  Is it secure?  I'm confused to .  On android phone Paypal payment is processed thru Google.  On my computer PaymentWall is used , along with Visa / MasterCharge & 400 plus gift cards for payment?  Please Explain? 

Richard Mylor

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