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Private wall or feed for only ur mob members

We really need a wall or feed were only you and your mob members can view and comment to synchronise attacks and hits on other gangs and mobs ...this is def a must for the lower levels to post a comment to say a higher lvl or hack is attacking and all mob need to help :)

Holy crap get angry much? 

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You must not read much here.  Vin (devs) posted an idea for ppl to vote on asking if everyone wanted private messages.  That was almost 6 months ago.  Only 15 or so ppl have voted on it.

Or keith it could be a case that im not the ignorant one who missed vins comment or suggestion because i havent been playing for 6 mths and nothing related came up when i was posting!!!!! Never assume you ignoramous!
Furthermore my suggestion isnt for private msgs its a wall feed you doughnut....* a wall feed will be read by u and ur whole mob........*a private msg will be read by whomever u send it to ....completely different!
Haha no not really keith im generally a pretty placid person ... But ignorance offends me :D never said did you read vins suggestion you just assumed i had which i had to reply to i have the painter and decorators in this wk so that may account for 90%ish of the bad attitude on my part hahaha ;)

Technically, i did not assume you had read Vin's message pinned to the top of the feature request page.  I assumed that you did not read it as you are effectively asking for the same thing.  Also I'm not sure a wall to speak to all 6,400 plus mobs is something that is going to be of assistance to me or anyone else.  How could anyone possible manage the number of messages that would take place on said wall.  The game already lags enough. Everyone that has been playing the game for any length of time has adapted to using KiK, Line, Palringo or any of the other chat apps out there.  There are numerous chat rooms in each of them dedicated to DTM.

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