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questions on diamond play with fighting

I have several questions about diamond play on DTM as far as fighting and using mercs. This does have some maths in it, so please don't be alarmed. I'm losing a pretty good percentage of my fights to players, so I need to hire some mercs.  Please help me understand how diamond fighting works.  You'll see my point in examples below assuming I'm at Level 20 and have sufficient mob members.

Do I need to do the following?---

Purchase 100 mercs

Then, purchase a diamond weapon, armor, and vehicle for each merc? THEN!!! purchase a diamond weapon, armor vehicle for EACH Mobster??? So I have to purchase two sets of 100 diamond level everything? Do boss mercs work this same way?  I get a boss merc that can handle for example 25/25/25 so I need to buy a diamond set for 25/25/25?  So in all total I need to hire 100 mercs then 200 diamond weapon/armor/vehicle sets for both mercs and mobsters? Please reply.


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