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Boosting income through transfers

I want all these accounts banned for cheating

I have the income cash boosts on my main accounts but don’t remember where I earned them at?! Can you let me know. Thanks!
I want cash n gems

Not that I have the power to ban an account anyway (I do not have any privileges beyond those of a normal user), but do you have any reason for your request? Maybe some screenshots or other evidence proving your reasons are legitimate, too?

Just based on your post, I cannot see any reason why those accounts deserve to be banned for cheating, and, to be perfectly honest, I have no clue what you mean by "boosting income through transfers." I can only think of two possible meanings:

  1. The lower level players are attacking that level 251 player for cash. (I.e., using him as an ATM)
  2. The gang is doing exceptionally well in wars and tournaments because of the level 251 player, so the lower level players are able to collect a lot of Stakes/War Loot that they would otherwise not be able to obtain.
As far as I know, though, neither of these two actions are prohibited by the in-game rules. If a player chooses to disarm and he/she is attacked by other players that are then able to take his/her money, that is perfectly legal. Likewise, players are encouraged after level 25 to come together as gangs and work with one another to beat other gangs and help each other. So, I do not see any plausible grounds as to why these players deserve to be banned for cheating. Further clarification and evidence would be beneficial to your case against them.

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