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What Missions are the best to farm for loots?

i'm looking to build up my arsenal with good items but don't know the best missions to farm said items. please list some good missions or boss fights/assignments to do so. and maybe some good ways to get mobs/diamonds without paying.

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It is highly dependent on level, tbh.

I do like the following loot items:

- "Loco Racer" from "Attack the Turfs of Rival Cartel Bosses" (mexico)

- "Hummer Limo" from "Raid a Private Auction" (Las Vegas)

- The lootable boat in Australia (cannot remember name of boat)

- "RPG 7" is decent and can be looted from "Deal with the weapon dealers" (Moscow, Russia)

As for Boss Fights, any will give you good loot. Personally, I like the items from Russian bosses: DARTZ and Bizon Gun. DARTZ from Mad Russian is +150 Attack and +110 Defense. Bizon Gun from The Monk is +170 Attack and +90 Defense. I think the boss items from Australia are probably better, but I have not mastered the Australian missions, so I have not been able fight him yet.

Obviously, a lot of these have level restrictions because you cannot do particular missions or buy the necessary mission gear before certain levels.

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