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APPLE IOS latest update 10.2 12/2016

Since I updated my iPhone 6+ I have been able to play DTM the app doesn't open it flashes and closes. I can play on another device but it is very inconvenient as that device only has a wifi connection. I am a level 200 something and have spent a lot of money on the game. It's almost two weeks and no fix yet. Yes I've installed, reinstalled, erased my phone installed an earlier back up, removed from Game Center, tried logging in from FB nothing tried playing via FB the game showed up at first but I still couldn't play. APPLE senior advisors tried everything they said DTM Needs to fix it. Does anyone else have this problem? Thank you

I meant to say I have NOT been able to play DTM

@All, we are working on fixing the issue. It will need a fresh build from us. It might take some time. Thanks.

Hmm. A member of my gang was reporting the same issue after updating his iPhone to iOS 10, but he claimed he was able to fix the issue by completely wiping and factory resetting his device. He was also able to access the app via notifications. (E.g., if a gang member would comment in the chat, he would be able to open the notification and then access the app.) However, like you, he was unable to access the app by simply opening it via the icon. I'm not sure why the update would have broken the app, but maybe you can access the account via some other method, enable notifications in the app settings, and then use notifications to access the app until DynamicNext rolls out a fix. You could also try the wipe and factory reset option, but that is a bit overkill, in my opinion.

The issue was later fixed.

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