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Accounts that are banned

Hello guys, I see you have banned that account crappy attack account.. that's great news as he was the biggest douche bag on your game and starting to give it a bad name. I have saved close to 3000 rivals from him which I was.going to use when he reset. Is this worth while me saving them? Are you going to make that account active again? Or if I clear them now.while it shows grey will they add to his stats if you make his account active again? Cheers guys, keep up the good work 

My account was hacked can you help?? I have SS .. spend a lot of money on the game.. can you do anything??

@Caitlen, email us at


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How can a lvl 10 add a lvl 203 to hitlist? This being done without any interaction from me (im the lvl203). Is this lvl10 a cheater account?
My account was suspended is there a way I could get it back I really miss my account n I love this game so much plz help thxs
Y'all should band snowplow account, he's doing nothing but causing problems and not even playing the game like everyone else, he doesn't compete in the tournament are nothing, just run around making treats trying to make ppl stop playing the game this my second report on him
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